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The use of digital payment platform such as Mobile Money for making and receiving payment has greatly improved person-to-person, business-to- business and person-to-business transactions.

We live in a virtual world and therefore forward-thinking Businesses, Organizations, Associations or Churches must add digital payment options to any existing mode of receiving funds from customers mobile or church offerings or group dues.

This is why we recommend USSD Mobile Money service to you to receive payments across all networks into one virtual account in real time.

Once you sign up for the USSD Mobile Money Service, a unique six digit ID is generated your company/organization or church.

You will also have access to a secure virtual account to manage your funds from a dashboard. This enables you to view all transactions with option to filter by date/month and to download transaction report in excel file.

How To Make Payment To USSD MoMo Account

Step 1: Dial * 718 * 800#

Step 2: Welcome to merchant payment, please enter ID.” [ ]

Step 3: “Please enter AMOUNT to pay to: [business/church name shows here]”

Step 4: Enter Reference

Step 5: Enter MM Pin

As soon as payment is done, both the sender and the recipient will receive SMS notification indicating the amount and the number/name of the person who paid the cash.

The recipient will receive the exact amount paid by the sender.

Transferring Funds From Your Virtual Account

Funds can be transferred from your virtual account directly to ONLY your bank or mobile wallet either daily, weekly or monthly.

This means that nobody can break into your account to steal or transfer your funds into a different account as it takes a long process to make any changes to the existing bank account or MoMo number on your virtual account.

Note the following:

-No Short Code Rental Charges.

– Transaction Attracts Normal Charges

How To Register

To register for the USSD Mobile Money service, you need to complete a registration form, provide your bank details/mobile money number ( if any).

It takes less than 20min to set up your USSD Mobile Money account for you.

It’s easy, secure and fast.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Contact us to set you up now: 0548629941/0206007255 or email us via

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