We live by our slogan; “Expect Excellent Experience!” We give you nothing but the best in terms of services and pricing. Our software and application subscription fees are the lowest you can find on the market.

We give you the flexibility to choose a subscription and payment plan that suits your pocket. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get started with using any of our software applications.

System Cost: Contrary to the perception that using technology tools for organizational management is expensive, it’s  rather the opposite. It is evidently clearly that using old fashion systems are very expensive and stressful.  Our IT solutions are built to help you reduce administrative cost and operational inefficiencies. 

When you sign up, you only pay a onetime setup fee and choose a flexible maintenance plan. As you may be away, your data is being hosted on a cloud server, we provide security systems to ensure your data is well protected and we also provide regular maintenance of the platform which come at a monthly cost to us. This explains why you are to subscribe for your preferred duration and pay for the maintenance cost based on your membership size. You can pay directly on your your account using our online Mobile Money or Card payment platform. You can also pay by cash or cheque into our bank account.

Choosing Subscription Plan:  Our monthly subscription fees for both Membership Database and Attendance Clocking accounts starts from GHC 55.00 (approx.$9.00) a membership size of less than 100 (subject to review) . You don’t have to spend a fortune to start using any of our software applications; you can choose either a monthly package, quarterly, or yearly maintenance subscription plan depending on your financial strength. 

You can sign up for Membership Database only or Attendance Management only and pay even less depending on your need. Please give us a call now and we will be glad to help you sign up and activate your account in less than 20 minutes. We look forward to hearing from with you soon.

Money-Back Guarantee: After paying for the activation and the subscription fee if you should notice that all the claims we have made about the features and functionality do not meet your expectation, you are to send a complaint to us within 30 days to rectify any issues you may have with the software. You can demand for a refund  if after 20 days of your compliant the issues are still not resolved and we shall shall pay back your money in full.