“Akwaaba” is one of our flagship android apps designed for our Attendance Clocking. The name “Akwaaba” literally means “Welcome!”. It is designed to notify users of the upcoming meeting and to mark attendance at the meeting place. Your organization must sign up for the Attendance Management Software and register you on the system before you can use the Akwaaba App.

The web and app version so the software come with an in-built feature that makes it easy to clock attendance for those who are not using a smartphone. It also comes with an option for apple phone users to clock attendance from a secure web account. (IOS version of Akwaaba will be launched soon). The Akwaaba app has several innovative and useful features aside from the attendance clocking.

This Attendance Clocking solution is designed for Churches, Schools, and Companies to effectively track the attendance of staff/members. It comes with an Admin dashboard for easy filtering of attendance reports and for downloading reports in excel or pdf. The system comes with integrated SMS and Voice Call systems to effectively send messages to attendees and absentees.th

Akwaaba App Features

Location Sensitive:

The app allows users to mark attendance only when they are in the premises of the meeting location, and within a specified radius.

Device Sensitive:

The Akwaaba app is device sensitive, meaning the user cannot login to his account with a different smartphone to mark attendance except the device approved by Admin when the user first install the app. To use a different smartphone , the user must request for device approval.

Meeting Settings:

Admin can set the meeting days, reporting time, closing time and meeting location.This helps to track absentees, latecomers, and more.

User Status:

Admin can create user statuses such as Active, Inactive, On Leave, Sick, Off-Duty, etc., and assign a status to a member.


Users/members will be notified when ; a. Admin sends a message, b. when it's meeting time c. and when a member is celebrating his/her birthday.

Attendance Data URL:

Admin can generate a URL (web link) for filtered records of attendees and absentees for a specific period and share the URL on group WhatsApp for members to view the attendees or absentees..

Clocking Agents:

Option for Admin to create Clocking Agents by activating the members attendance list on the agent's account to assist with clocking attendance for members who are not using smartphone.

Excuse Message:

Users can send an excuse message to officials explaining why he/she can’t come.

Admin Users:

Option to add more Admin users and grant them different access levels.

Mass Clocking:

Only Admin Users and Clocking Agents can do mass clocking by ticking/selecting the members present and mark all of them at a go.

Excel Registration:

Admin can register your staff/members on excel template and upload to register them all on the system. Only those registered by admin can access the Akwaaba app with a default a login credential.

Body Temperature Entry:

Option for either Admin, Clocking Agent or the user to directly enter body temperature record in line with Covid 19 protocols for every meeting.

Filtering Options:

Options to filter records by member name, date, gender, group, subgroup, attendees, absentees, time, meeting day, etc to pull attendance data and download the filtered data in excel or pdf file.

Records/ Statistics/ Report:

Admin can pull different attendance reports based on the frequency of clock-ins recorded forr each member/staff for a particular period (month/year) and more.


Option for Akwaaba users to update their profile; including their profession, place of work, business profile, social media handles, etc. Only approved users of the organization can view users' profile on the app.


Admin can create various groups/departments and subgroups/units and assign members/staff to their respective groups/department/class.

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